• cecilbag

    new amp day Mesa/Boogie Mark IV

    Just picked up a mark iv combo last night and man does this thing smoke. I got it from the original owner, its a first year (A) and the speaker is the optional Electro Voice 200w, also came in a rolling roadcase. I have 3 main questions. First, what tubes does anyone suggest? I usually use mesa branded tubes but recently tried electro harmonix in my dc5 combo and really love the high gain definition. Second, the amp didn't come with a footswitch and I found some I like at voodoo man switches and was curious if anyone had used this brand before or had an alternative way of channel switching (I have a boss gt10 but haven't figured out how to use it for this application). And lastly, does anyone have favorite settings or little tricks, there are a ton of features and only playing with it for two hours its overwhelming. Great tones but those of you who have this amp probably have advice on making it really sing thanks

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