• cecilbag

    Mesa Nomad 45

    Hey everyone, I just picked up a Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 2x12 combo with custom flight case. This nomad is the el84 model as opposed to 6l6 55 and 100. I was curious if anyone had experience with one or owns one. Mainly I plan on using it with some amt electronics preamp pedals going in the effects return. But any info on ways you use yours (normal or extreme setting on the back, etc.) or types of tubes you tried, thanks

    • BLS

      I had one for a short period of time and didnt care for it. I'm not a Mesa fan :\

      But those AMT pedals are the shit! We just got a bunch of them in at the store and they all sound amazing!

    • slovakzombiehero

      I've played a Nomad a few times at this practice studio in NYC, though it was the 50 watt version. I'm pretty sure it was on the normal setting, but it was a pretty versatile amp. It's the only Mesa I've played that I've enjoyed. The place I played it is pretty shitty at maintaining amps, so it probably still had stock tubes.

      Congrats on the NAD, dude!

      • cecilbag

        thanks guys mine being the 45 its a little different then the other two. the whole normal/extreme switch on the back is only on the el84 equipped nomad 45 and the 6l6 equipped 55 and 100 models just have a bias switch for el34/6l6 plus the 100 has a graphic eq. After playing with it I do dig it but I really like Mesa anyway (I have 3ch dual rec, 2ch triple rec, dc5 combo, and mkII combo) but this definately doesn't sound like any of them its definately more versitile and very touchy on the controls. I'm gonna look around for the best deal on some amt pedals and go that route because the demo's I saw from burgerman on youtube through his laney combo sound unbelievable. If I can use this combo with the twin english built v30's and bigger power amp to bring those pedals to life (ss11, m1, and b1 are the first I want) I could really upgrade my live sound. Thanks for the input