• billysabbagh

    tight metal

    has anyone gotten the tight metal from amptweaker? the demos i've seen sound pretty cool, wondering about real life?

    • capoeiraesp

      Yep. I had one that I bought to trial and it's a great pedal.
      The noise gate is fantasic but equally necessary at most gain levels.
      It achieves a wide variety of metal tones and the harmonic content is really detailed; think dime's squeals on floods solo.
      It works very well as both an in front of amp pedal and a preamp. Obviously better as a preamp though.
      The features and build quality are of a very high standard and I would love to see more pedals from James brown. Hell, the man pretty much created the 5150, xxx & JSX.

      • cecilbag

        have you guys checked out the amt line? Their preamp pedals are killer and I just saw they came out with a 3w power amp pedal for a killer small watt metal amp. I have the e1 (engl) and gotta get the power amp pedal for it now