ada mp1 help

hello iv'e just bought an ada mp1 (used of course) and everytime i press "edit" all the leds light up just like when you turn it on... how do i edit my unit please help by the way i run it through a combo if that is any help

I dusted off mine. It's a v2.01 software with minimal mods outside of caps, some opamp switching, and battery socket. After it initializes and hits all the LEDS it sits at the last recalled preset. When I hit the edit button, that button itself lights yellow, and all other buttons are dim until you start changing shit, which then blink to indicate you've altered what's stored for a given preset.

What software ver and mods is yours running?


I have my mp1 stored away. Has anyone got theres modded? Mine could do with a noise reduction mod. Is there anywhere in the UK to take it? I know voodoo mods are $200 plus shipping to usa, is it worth it?


Voodoo stopped modding MP-1 pre-amps about a year or two ago, the last I knew.

The last time I looked, is a dead link.



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