Any xperience with the Blacksatr HT5 or Krank Rev Jr Pro?

    Looking to get a small low wattage tube amp, was looking at the Krank Rev Jr Pro or the Blackstar Ht-5. I know there is a difference of bout $200 bucks, but just curious if anyone has owned or played a while thru any of them thanks guys....

    • ammar

      I had the HT-5, for a week. I didn't immediately like it. If 20 watts is still low wattage, go for the HT-20, it has a better power section, they fixed an "issue" with the fx loop and have a master volume. The combo speaker is mediocre though.

      Otherwise, the HT-5 is a great amp.


      • ozzuk1

        The HT-5 H is probably better I found my combo was either too loud at home, just right at practise with drums/other guitars/bass, or too quiet at a small gig...

        plus the head has the option of being run into nearly any cab you could want assuming the impedance/ohms match...