School me on the Randall RG80ES.

Just over 2 years ago I came very close to getting a Randall RG100ES. Something happened in the mailing process, it got destroyed, and I still don't have one. Now, the 80 watt version popped up on Kijiji a couple of days ago in my area, and I would like to know if anyone has any experience with this particular model. Is it basically the same as the 100, 170, and 200 watt versions? Is it loud enough to gig with, or compete with a loud drummer? What is the most I should pay, and what's the best cab or speakers to run this through? Thanks guys.



Back around 1986, I had a Randall RG80 2x12 combo, it had the orange faceplate. I used to gig with it, it did just fine. I never used the gain channel all that much, though, I had a swanky Boss pedal board with the old HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal for my distortion. Plenty loud, IMO.


If it's anything sound-wise like the RG100ES, it'll be exactly what I'm looking for.

Anyone else got any clips or opinions?

Rima  N.

Wao, That's cool.

Robin Y.

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