• Imperial Greg

    Eminence Speakers question

    Which are the best for metal? I'd like people's opinions... Something like, Machine Head, Killswitch kinda metal...

    I have a chance to get a good deal on either Legend 1258, or Man O War, i was told they're the best... anyone have any sugguestions on the best ones for metal, im looking to try something new in one of my cabs.

    • gorsch

      I'm running Eminence Legend V12's now. been a huge MH fan from day one. I wont say I try to go for Rob's tone but mine is pretty simular. Then a gain a 5150 really always sounds like a 5150 unless you suck at dialing in a good tone.

      Meh, I like V30's better but it could also be the box mine are in. My other guitarists Mesa cab destroys mine.

      And MH uses Marshall 1960's and KSE probably use Mesa, I could be wrong with KSE.

    • andrei

      don't know wich the best are (probably the ones more expensive), but i use governor (cose they're affordable) and they are pretty decent.

    • TheDevilHimself

      The custom voiced version of the Legend for Krank is phenomenal / crisp, clear and just crushing.

      I have used or am using the following speakers>

      Governor - V30 copy, a bit more focused on the upper mids and more aggression

      Black Powder - crisp and fairly trebly, works great with baritone and for death metal

      Cannabis Rex - almost opposite of the Black Powder, huge tone, very round and full, soft treble response.

      Also great would be the Texas Heat for metal.

    • TheDevilHimself

      My death-inducing grunt would be a 4x12" with 2 Black Powders at the top and at the bottom either 2 Texas Heats, Govenors or Wizards (for more lows).

    • Harvesterofsorrow1199

      i love eminence governors, they sound great, better then celestion v30's imho yet simillar and a lower price tag

    • xchumfiestax

      Swamp Thangs

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