using a distortion pedal as a booster

hello, i was thinking about using an old boss pedal, as a booster/preamp (especialy for solos). it's an old Boos hypermetal (HM3). it works fine on clean: level 70%, some lows and highs (50%), and dist 0 => it boosts the volume - ok. but when used in series, with the MT2, they seem to cancel eachother out... there is no boost, the distortion (of the MT2) just changes. it's like the two effects mix, but the volume doesn't increase. the order is this: guitar -> HM3(booster) -> MT2(distortion) -> amp(clean). (of course i've also tryed switching the effects, same result) can you please explain this fenomenon to me. if i'm gonna get a normal booster/preamp pedal, won't the result be the same? thanks, andrei.
The Sloth

I cant explain why this happens but can offer these suggestions.

If you are looking for a volume boost the most effective way would be to use an EQ pedal with the EQ flat and the volume increased or to set up 2 channels on an amp or possibly a volume pedal.


You're saturating the input of the MT-2. Like Matt said, you need to boost the volume after it, not before it. I would think an EQ such as a GE-7 would work better for a clean volume boost.


thanks for explaining this to me guys, much appreciated!

the thing about "saturating the input of the MT-2" makes sense.
so i've tryed it the other way around: mt-2 50% -> hm-3 80%, and it does boost the volume.

you were also right about both pedals being distortions, cose the HM alterates the crunch of the MT badly...

i'll keep experimenting and maybe i'll get en EQ that i can also use with acoustics.
(at gigs i rely only on the amp, (just) a spider3; it does the job)

cheers to you,


ps: that last link rules.


most of the guys that use Tube Screamers use them to hit their amp's input and to Eq the bottom end for more focus. Below a certain frequency "chunkchunkchunk" turns to shit. But with the right low end cutoff, you get that nice barky percussive chunk that makes the speakers hurt. The mids can be modified in or out by modding the pedal, and if you like a TS's eq but want more of a boost, remove the clipping diodes or put them on a switch. They are plentiful so its not hard to pick one up for $50-60


thanks for the tip Superpuma, i'll keep that in mind ;)

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