Donting, axe-fx question (or anyone really)

chevy Z 302
If i recall you said you had a friend who either had one or was getting one and you said he was more anal than eric johnson about tone. just wondering what he thinks, what you think if you've heard it, or just any geteral thoughts. Im ampless, chaging my style a bit (as recent and near future purchases show) and searching for tone. I keep thinking that it would be nice to have all that the axe offers if the tone is what i would like, but im skeptical, especially since i cant hear one first. I havn't heard but a few clips that have honestly made me go wow, :eek:, and have not really heard any that have made me want to sell off all my tube amps (just an expression, i have no amps:lol) thanks:)
chevy Z 302

thanks, just thought i'd ask:)

i've heard 2 clips recently that have peaked my interest, one on the axe forum that has the best metal clip i've heard from it and the one that pete thorn did over on HRI.

I would just love to have the all in one factor because i would love the variety.

im skeptical though, until i can play one i'll probably stick with what i've got and look for a new head. Im beginning to really hate not having an amp right now.


i'll probably stick with what i've got and look for a new head. Im beginning to really hate not having an amp right now.

i ordered my nitro a couple days ago, 4-5 weeks it should be here, you can come up and compare all my amps at that time:
nitro, splawn promod, bogner uberschall, mesa stiletto, fender bassman

i am expecting at this point to be selling the ub afterwards, but am not positive of that; if the ub is enough different than the nitro i may keep both.
not that you'd want the ub, i don't mean that, i don't think it's what you want.

on the back of my nitro it's gonna say "built for Windsen Pan's psyscho cyber stalker copycat homo". :p:D

...nah. :p

chevy Z 302

yea, i just dont have the money to be doing that:lol

im getting a tyler and thats the end of it:rollin

I would like to think it would work for me, it would be fantastic as i love variety and having it at my feet would be killer. I just dont know if it will 'do it' for me.

chevy Z 302


that sounds killer, i was suposed to be up your way to work with my dad but it was crappy out today so they did what they needed me for yesterday. He said all the way through town and right on the other side of town (georgetown st.) i assume is the new wastewater treatment? Anywhoo can't wait to try the splawns out again, actually everything again.

chevy Z 302

^no kidding, the guitar selection is quite tastefull as well. imo at least

i wonder if i had OD2 enabled on the PM last time i was there, thus why i didn't like its compressed-ness.

chevy Z 302

actually i think theres only 1 MX left

classic guitars..... like bc bich, warlock, moser, chinaman V, etc. Duh!


He now uses AXE-FX 2 exclusively.


I'd go with the Axe-fx if i was a serious connoisseur and had the time / patience to set it up, and if i needed it for recording. They are outstanding pieces of kit, absolutely outstanding.


Me personally its too much and i am happy with a 'real' amp, because i do not need 1000's of effects options nor do I need 1000's of amp options, nor do i need slick recording capabilities. I just like my 4 main tones (super clean (herbert has it in spades), a brutal crunch (herbert has it in spades), compressed shred lead for the home (herbert has it in spades), and a proper grown ups lead tone (which herbert does not have but I have the appropriate boost/pedals to make that happen). My humble effects board and herbert does me fine - but for some that is no where near enough, and is certainly not practical for recording at home


The axe fx truly makes sense if you use midi changes during your set or you have in ear monitoring. Otherwise it's a complete overkill, sold both my ultras and I'm happy with the EVH III mini I got.

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