My next Metal amp- help me with my research

hello- I am looking for the next metal amp to add to my ensemble- what I have now is a Marshall Jcm600 (much like the JCM800) , and a Mesa quad preamp(very much like mark III). I am looking for something that would round out my tonal 'palette'- It seems like a 5150/6505 type amp would fit me best. the only thing I need to decide now is between the 6505 or the 6505+- Is there a tonal difference between the two? What other amps should I look at? I have been researching metal amps for a while now, and there seems to be alot of terms used to describe them I do not fully understand- like: 'Brown' 'tight' 'dark voiced' 'Saturated' 'Raw' 'crunch' Could you guys tell me what these terms mean, and then give me examples of amps that sound that way?

'Brown' - A term used by EVH to describe the perfect tonezz. Read this:

'tight' - Responds quickly to dynamic changes. The opposite of 'sagging,' or 'loose.' Well defined and clear. I'm sure someone can describe this better than I can. In general, solid-state amps are tighter than tube amps. This is the reason some people like them, and also the reason some hate them.

'dark voiced' - More bass and low mids than treble.

'Saturated' - Used to describe the sound made when the power-tubes become saturated with a high-level signal and clip it, producing distortion. True tube saturation sounds much different than silicon diode-clipping distortion.


get the 6505+, or an ENGL.


I played an Ibanez 7 through the 6505+, and damn, it was pure sex....I mean metal.


What bands use ENGL? I havent really been able to track down any decent samples, so I really dont know what they sound like.

Danny K.

Judas Priest. Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner both use engl


i thought brown sound was a sound that made you shit yourself
it even says so in a south park episode


That's the brown note.

Nenad Z.

Get the 6505+ and try it with the "Ibanez tubescreamer" or vith much less cost the "Yojo vintage overdrive". I use the Yojo pedal with my Randall amp and get the sound that i wanted and much more :) 

I recomend that you try as many amps you cann before you buy one. My friend uses 100 wat Bugera 333 head, and it sounds great for an amp for about 500$ :)

Jason Constantine

6505 or check out the demo video I did on the Lang 100T

matt b.

Blackstar HT Metal 100..................................Wicked Amp!!!

Alec M.

I absolutely love my 6505+. Go for one of those or an old 5150 II, you can always find a used one for less than a grand.

Blade L.

6505, EVH 5150 III, Marshal JVM 410H, and last but not least if your drop dead Serious! i have one of these the ENGL Special Edition.

Blade L. wrote:

i have one of these the ENGL Special Edition.

I own a SE and it is a monster!


6505+ you won't regret

the + combo is also quite affordable



Ilgaz Alaca

What is your budget?


5150 III is a very versitile amp. Loud, aggressive and toneful. 
I currently used the 50 Watt version and I have played it live with a full rock band set up with no issues.

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