Mesa quad preamp- marshall poweramp?

I am thinking of getting a Mesa Quad preamp, and I want to know if there is any way to use The power amp and speaker of my marshall Jcm combo In conjunction with it. So- would - mesa quad preamp>marshall power amp>marshall speaker be a complete amp? are those the only needed components? I am a total tube nube so please dont ridicule me for any and all dumbassedness that this post contains.

try this:Mesa Send/Out to Marshall FX Loop Return.. end of story. You should be golden now.

Explanation: by going into the combos fx loop return you are bypassing the combos preamp-and going directly to the power amp and therefore the speakers as well.
The only thing that will/may control the tone on the Marshall now is the Presence(which is usually based in the power amp) and the Power switches-ya, they don't really control tone but you get it. Anyways,, the Deep buttons might also work on the Marshall too but I'm not positive on that-see for yourself.



Thanks- both for answering my question, and not being an ass about it. How would that sound, by the way? Would It be a sorta marshally sounding mesa?


It would sound mainly like like your Mesa preamp as that is the preamp & where the tone knobs are.

FWIW, Marshalls have used both EL34 & 6L6 tubes over the years.. so whatever your Marshall combo has it won't matter as long as it works.

And since it is now pulling power amp duty & the majority of the Marshall circuitry & tone(or lack thereof, by some people's standpoint) is gone for all intense purposes. So it should be mainly Mesa preamp, coupled with whatever power tubes your Marshall has in it, and then it's your guitar, its woods, its pups, the pedals you choose to use(or not) and that's about it. At the end of it all, well, its you. :eek: Scary thought eh? lol

Lets hope you sound good.. cuz you should have a fairly good foundation with that setup.. good luck!

BTW, Marshalls originally started with a now ancient White-Westinghouse circuit that has continually been modded & remodded for whatever was desired... but basically starting with the Fender Bassman amp from the 1950s and moving onwards from there to Marshall territory.. and so on & etc.. ad nauseum.


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