Peavey JSX VS 5150 (II)/6505 (+)

I have an offer to trade my Mesa T-verb combo for a Peavey JSX. I love the sound of a 6505 buy they are not much for cleans. In Flames is a good reference for the sound I'm seeking. Since I don't have the chance to try a JSX how would you say the rythm/leads compare to a 5150/5150II? Are the cleans decent also? Cheers for Norway.

In all actuality, I would keep he mesa and maybe add an extra 2x12 or even 4x12 cab. In Flames has your basic 5150 tone, which you'd be able to get close to with the JSX and have awesome clean tones to boot. I just think you can get that sound with the proper tweaking of the Mesa. I ust recently learned how versatile those amps really are, to the point of seling my other gear and dropping
$1900 usd on a triple rectifier.


Thank you for your response.

First of all I want to get rid of the Mesa because its a combo. An open back 2x12 combo just won't have the punch and low end of a 4x12 closed back. The Mesa is a great amp and very versatile, but I wanna try something different.

A 4x12 with the Mesa will just be too much to carry around and not very practical. The combo weighs almost the same as a 4x12.

I tried the 5150 III a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. If this thing sounds close to the 5150III I'm def getting it.


Thats col man. I didn't know the trem-o-verbs were open back combos, so that makes a huge difference in tone. I'd say the JSX will get you 5150 tone. I've played a JSX and used to own a 5150II that I converted to EL34s and they sounded really close. In Flames tone on tap with those amps. Lots of mids, keep the treble down and don't over use the low end and you're set.


I have a JSX head I love mine. The 5150 has a slightly darker tone and much more gain. For instance when I had a 5150 I would set the gain on 5. My JSX I dial in at about 7. The clean channel on the JSX is the main reason why I own that instead of the 5150. It totally rocks.

I did replace the EL34's that it comes stocked with and I'm now using 6L6's. It gives it more of a low end and growls more like a rectifier now.

JeanPaul du Vinnie

Well, I just kind of made the switch the other way around. Have been using my JSX for almost two years now and I recently got me a Tremoverb head.

Personally (and if it was between both head versions) I'd totally keep the Tremoverb. It's even more versatile than the JSX (although you only have two channels vs the JSX's three) and really shines in uber high gain-territory where the JSX kind of lacks IMO. With the JSX, there's still enough for a lot of metal, but it's no where near the aggression of a 6505. It has really good cleans though, more shimmery than the T-verb's.

Anyway, I hate to say it since it is becoming some sort of stock phrase around here, but go and try it out. It really is the only way to make sure it is what you're after.

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I can just say go for a 5150 III i sold my engel powerball and got me a EVH this thing is so fucking awsome!
the clean channel is really good crunch is one of the best i have heard and the high gain channel is tight as hell and you can dial in almost any rock highgain sound!

our other guitarist owns a diezel herbert and man ... my 5150 III cuts through the mix easily...!!!!
Thats what the powerball couldnt do!


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