Downsizing from 4x12 to 2x12...

Richie C
I currently have a Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet that is being run by a Mesa Dual Rectifier and I'm looking to downsize to a 2x12 for a few reasons that I'm not gonna get into right now. I'm looking to get some input as to people's experiences with Mesa cabs and if it's better to get a matching Mesa cab or perhaps look for something else. Thanks!
Bridge The Void

Amen for downsizing, dude. 4 speakers is too much space and weight to be carrying around.

I'm using a Mesa recto 2x12 for everything these days, not for any particular reason other than its the only cab I've got and I have no gripes with it.


There is definitely a sound difference between 2x12 and 4x12. I wouldn't mind going the 2x12 route but I want my money's worth with plenty of bass punch.


if you play a lot of shows in clubs, they usually mic one speaker anyway. and 2x12's have more than enough bass when you're mic'd. but if you play lots of shows that you aren't mic'd, a 4x12 is a better choice. but then you gotta haul a 4x12 around which is a huge pain the ass which is why i have 2x12 (and specifically one that has more low end punch than you can handle)


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I have a Mesa 2x12. Blows my other guitarist Marshall 4x12 out of the water.

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