P90 pickups

How are these pickups? What kind of tones do they put out? I have never played with these pickups before. Someone told me that they are kind of in between a single coil and a humbucker type of tone. Is that true? Any input or audio clips of the P90 pickups would be greatly appreciated.

Very warm... huge... muddy up easy in high gain applications...best pickup for bluesy/jazz tones.


yes they in between single coils and buckers. they have a creamy kind of tone. with lots of bite. if you are planning on using these for metal dont waste your time and money-


i don't even know if this was recorded with p90s but imho it still sounds like a good example of typical p90 tone,

the guitar in Free's "all right now". that's what all my p90'ed guitars has basically sounded like. nasty and raw, the more gain you use the more noise, so is best for various levels of overdrive. great for punk rock.

not good for high gain / metail, and not good for clean.



not good for high gain / metail, and not good for clean.

I figured it wasnt good for high gain metal, but the P90 doesnt sound good clean?

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i shoulda rememered this 2 seconds ago,

classic example of P90 tone is mountain's "mississippi queen", he was famous for using an lp jr.


I really want a P90 equiped axe as well, if its gonna be a PRS SE One or a Gibbo LP BFG its gotta be.

Altho for a double P90s axe the PRS SE Soapbar or SE Soapbar II look like most cost effective P90s out there.


green day, why the heck didn't i even think of that.:o

singer needs some damn breathe-right strips! 0] and to toss the gayliner.:rolleyes:


I have a 1964 sg with p90s i love it , i use it through an Engl powerball for playing hard rock and sludgy Doom Metal .

It sounds awsome for 60,s and 70,s rock too ,especially sabbath as a 65 sg special was Iommi's main guitar.

The cleans are realy thick i love the P90's for clean leads as have tonnes of tone and thickness but chords sound good too not as jangly as a fender or as much bite as humbuckers.

But you have to use some sort of noise gate if your using them with loads of gain as they will scream!


i use to have a gibson melody maker with a single p90 in the bridge a epiphone sg jr with a p90 in the bridge also. the cleans dont sound thick when you only have one p90 in the bridge but if you have one in the neck position it should do nice cleans no problems.


This is kind of a running joke at work and probably not helpfull but EMG makes hummers to fit in a P90s place :hat

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