• DarkAges2012

    what would be best amp for my ltd viper 400

    i just got my guitar 2 days ago and my little vox da5 just dont cut it. my emg's overpower the little guy. i am looking for a good head or a combo amp. for the most part i need something that has great gain for rhythem guitar and a good crunch for palm muting. also it would be a plus if it also sounded great when turned down because i dont need to crank it all the time. cleans are always a plus. my budget is between 600 and 1100 dollars. i dont have the opportunity to try anything out before i buy due to my BFE location.

    here are a few head and combo amps i was looking at.

    Crate VTX212B 212 combo
    Crate FlexWave Series FW120 combo
    VOX AD100VT 212 Combo
    Line 6 Spider Valve 112 combo
    Randall RG200 G3 combo
    randall t2 or v2 head
    randall RH300G3 Head

    i have heard some of the(hybrid) tube driven valve heads are pretty close compared to more expensive tube amps. i am open to any suggestions, thank you
    by the way i listen to bands like nothingface,spineshank,40belowsummer,reveille,dry kill logic,diecast,factory81

    • Gil

      I own the 50watt version of the valvetronix amp and it works great with my viper 400 with seymour duncans and my other viper with EMGs. great sounding if you have it set on the NU-metal channel with great crunch.

    • Bridge The Void

      Its tough getting nice cleans with solid state amps, the Hybrids are a step in the right direction but still not all the way there.

      Crates are very hard to get any nice sounds out of, especially with EMG's. The Spider Valve won't sound good turned down, its a valve amp so requires cranking.

      The Randalls are good at a few things - not the most versatile amps ever, but not total one trick ponies. Are you gigging at all or is this just for home practise? Because a halfstack is not always necessary.

    • Gil

      to what you said about crate amps....I found it hard to get a good sound out of any crate amp ever. what I like about my vox amp is that it has a little dial in the back so you can turn down loudspeaker volume without turning down the preamp volume and allowing you to have those "turned up" tones without having your neighbors/wife/pets hate you.

    • Ryan 2%

      mesa triple rectifier, or peavey triple x. you really can't go wrong with either of those. especially if you're playing through a mesa cab. 5150s and 6150s are always good too though

      • garyjfoster

        mesa triple rectifier, or peavey triple x. you really can't go wrong with either of those. especially if you're playing through a mesa cab. 5150s and 6150s are always good too though

        i have a triple rec...that amps smokes them all...i have a/b alot of amps against it...the boogie rules all.....peavey has alot of gain but its thin and has no balls....if your going for a half stack....go boogie...if you can afford it...



        dont worry about going into debt..thats why they give musicians store credit cards....cause we have no money and we dont make any during gigs...most of the time ...the clubs are charging the bands to sell tickets....but just watch the interest....that whole 12 months or 18 months no interest /no payments....make those payments...at the end of the promotion ....they will hit you with a years worth of interest....those cards are cool....but very dangerous

    • Butch

      spider III

      100% Deathspade/Deathbat endorsed!!!!

    • Metahead

      dont go line 6 :(

    • metalhobo

      My Randall sounds sweet.

    • metalhobo

      Oh, and if you get the Randall G3 series, don't get the ones with the digital effects (the ones with "D" in the model name). The regular ones have a better tone.

    • Metahead

      anyone else with the carvin sx 200?

      • xcc

        I used to have a Randall T2 amp, I played it trough a Warhead cab with v30s and emgs, it sounded huge! If you want nice cleans, go for the T2 since the V2 has a solidstate clean channel. ;)

    • Jan S.

      I have the crate FW120 and I find that it sounds awesome with my KH2 but thats just my opinion :)

    • Metahead

      HECK YA!! except i thought he wanted a cheap amp

      • DarkAges2012

        i dont know much about carvins but i will have to take a look at them. seems like their a independent company and dont sell their products on other sites. anyways the v3 is around my price range. i will compare it to the peavey 6505 plus.

    • Butch

      ^ please do that.

    • svt4cobra6

      I would check out the GFX 3500 Crate, over 300 watts 3 channels. I run it with an mh400 and marshall 4x12 cab.

      • DarkAges2012

        im a currently saving for a peavey 6505 plus head and a marshall 1960 cab

        after that i will probly get a carvin combo amp so i can have a more portable alternative.

        sound wise?

        like to have sounds close 2 these guys
        nothingface, 40 below summer, dry kill logic, spineshank, ankla, diecast, etc

    • guenzka

      If you are looking for a practice amp I would recommend a Marshall MG50DFX. The Marshall MG series has the BEST overdrive I have ever heard out of a smallish solid state combo-amp. The overdive channel give you 2 choices for your sound (dirty and real dirty) and the clean channel is sweet!!!!

    • garyjfoster

      yes they are expensive but to me it was well worth it...i use a mesa triple rec and a marshall 1960 straight cab with a esp viper standard camo and some high end ltd vipers and it crushes ...