Does cabinet size matter when it comes to choosing speakers?

Does it matter what kind of speakers you get depending on your cabinet size? For example:i wanted to get four 120 watt speakers for my guitar cabinets but looking at the size of my cabinets it may be too much power for them and it may ruin the sound and tone altogether. So does cabinet size matter?
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What speakers are these that handle 120 Watts? I want some...


Krank revo cabs have Eminence speakers, which are 120 watts each.

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Just had a look at the Eminence website, they even go up to 150w...

See, I've been trying to sell my HD147 because a 4x12 is far too much, and I didn't think there were speakers powerful enough to load into a 2x12 so this could be do eminence speakers sound?


size always matters. :p


Not really, unless your cab is made of particle board.


.how do eminence speakers sound?

I think their the best speakers out there. I have em in my Krank cabs and they sound br00tal.

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