New Bridge & Middle Pickups For A Strat

New Bridge & Middle Pickups For A Strat
Im wanting to replace the bridge and middle pickup on my Highway 1 Strat, i like the tone of the neck pickup so i want to keep it as i like it. I am wanting a Iron Maiden/Satch sorta tone from the bridge, but with a modren edge, im looking towards a coil sized humbucker in that area, i want a warm sound from it, something that handles well in clean and distorted tones. The middle im looking for a single coil thats very P90ish in tone, but not so hot that it clips in a clean tone or a midly driven tone into distortion. Im thinking that im looking towards a Hot Rails or a Tone Zone in the bridge, and posibly a Hot For Strat SSL-3 or a Quarter Pound Flat SSL-4 in the middle, ive even thought about a JB Jnr and a Hot Stack for Strat STK-S2 as well, but im not shure about the JB Jnr as i have had a Humbucker JB in a former axe before and hated it so traded it for another axe. Thanks again.

Dimarzio SDS-1 is pretty much a P90 in a single coil size package.


Don't Iron Maiden have hotrails in their strats?

I've got a hotrails in the bridge of my US standard strat - this pickup has serious balls. I was slightly embarassed that it ate my then KH2 w/EMG81s for breakfast.

The hotrails sound great- nice crunch, loads of low end. For me they work for classic rock up to balls to wall metal. They are a slightly loose sounding pickup - nothing my ts808 doesn't fix though.

One thing they do not do is cleans. Even with serious EQing they sound like mud.

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if you ask me, put a SD cools stack in the bridge and a reverse wound somthing in the bridge, thats all i can think of, maybe a jb jr, or a full sized jb in bridge and some sorta SD in the middle


Point taken there. If i was gonna go full sized id probably go with a SH-5 Duncan Custom or a Full Shred, but i have also concidered a Pearly Gates and a Screamin Deamon (HB sized and SC sized) before for the bridge.


I think i may be going with a SD Texas Hot Antiquity in the middle now, and posibly the SC Sized Tone Zone in the bridge, altho i would like a Lil 59' in the neck i think as long as i get some custom wireing done on my Strat i can take the neck as it is as long as i have a tone control on it and the other on the middle and no tone on the bridge for raw power there.

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