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has anyone had experience with both the boomerang phrase sampler and the digitech jamman? this is what i figure it boils down to. the 'rang can't save or undo, but its features make for a smoother on-the-spot improvisational playing. the jamman has save and undo functions, but the button resistance/travel makes for looping that is less smooth. also i've seen a descent number of reviews complaining about defects or unreliability of the jamman. i'm torn between the two, maybe because i don't know if i'd be using the sampler more for on-the-spot jamming or to save my ideas for later use (i've never owned or used a looper before). any input is appreciated.
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Apparently the Boss one is killer, has a drum machine and comes in three sizes...


which model?

if you mean the RC-2 or RC-20, i've read that the JamMan is basically that but with more memory, more presets, and flash card and USB capability.

if you're talking about the RC-50, $500 is over my budget.

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To be perfectly honest, I haven't looked into them much, but I've been to 2 acoustic gigs where the artist was using a looper, and both times I saw the RC-20 at their feet.


every time i've tried this function on any device, it ends up creating an enormous scary wall of noise that comes at me full speed and tremendous volume, it's like when the Tsunami started pushing busses and cars and buildings and trees into other buildings and trees and people, it just picked up everything in its path and continued plundering foward.

i hate those devices.



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