...and now reccomend me an EQ pedal!

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OK, easier thread cuz I've got a few that look interesting: MXR 10 band (versatile, bu expensive) MXR 6 band (cheaper, harder to find for some reason) Boss GE-7 (cheaper, easy to get hold of, is it actually any good?) Danelectro Fish and Chips (no idea about this one) I'll be using the EQ as a solo boost, not for general tone shaping. Over to you ;)

mxr 10band! built like a brick shithouse, heaps of versatility, great boost and looks great!
avoid danelectro like the plauge!


Iv got the boss ge7 and I think its great :hat


mxr 6 band - not enough bands imo, lacks level slider that i find useful

mxr 10 band and kfk - require wallwart, i find those can add nose if not extra careful and able to keep transformer away from ALL audio cables

boss ge7 - the one i now use, has 7 bands, level slider, can run off my 1spot that powers all my other pedals (one small wallwart that is on my power strip, easy to keep away from rest of cables ).

dano stuff is hit and miss with sound quality, i like the green chorus, the purple delay,
a lot of dano stuff can be awful tho, i've never used their geq so can't say.


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By wallwart, does that mean I can't run it off my daisy chain? I've got a Diago powerstrip thing, and they make adaptors for different kinds of power supply (e.g. I had to get 3 green adaptors for my Line6 modelers, they work fine now off the same daisy chain).

The Boss does look pretty good, are there any cons to it?


"run it off my daisy chain? "

i don't know, you'll have to check the manuals of both units to see.

i see no cons to the boss ge7, if the ge7 didn't do enough for me i'd go with a rack geq with a lot more bands for finer tuning, or i'd try a PEQ.

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Well the amount of bands isn't so much of a gripe to me as I'm only using it for a solo boost. Just wondering if there's any reliability issues or anything like that but if there isn't, then I think we may have a winner :p


Well the amount of bands isn't so much of a gripe to me as I'm only using it for a solo boost. Just wondering if there's any reliability issues or anything like that but if there isn't, then I think we may have a winner :p

are you sure you even want an eq then,

you might try one of the many "clean boost" pedals that exist, i dunno.

also, does your amp havea solo boost function? a lot of modern amps do,
my mesa's always have, my splawn promod has it,
my engl powerball had 2 separate master volumes which i used for this function,

all of whch can boost the volume without pushing the preamp harder, so they just increased volume but not distortion;

conversely some people want the distortion boosted so they use a clean boost or geq as you've noted, in front of the preamp,

this doesn't garner as much volume increase, but increases overdrive.

anyhoo, if you get an eq or boost pedal, you may try it out both in front of the amp, and in the loop, to see how its affect differs.
in front of the amp it may add only a little volume but a lot of distortion,
in the loop it may add no or little distortion and a lot of volume.



10 band eq. NOT THE KFK theres no difference escept shitty tribal crap and another output the 10 band is amazing


I used to have the Dano, it sucked tone so much, was total crap, i have the GE-7 whitch is esencially the same circuit its much better tone wise as Boss use better components and its good in the FX loop or after a Dist to shape the tone of the Dist better. The MXR 6 band is good if youre wanting just some small adjustments in EQ, as gaijian said, not enough slidres, but if you just want a small increase in low end or high end thats the one, but youre still cheaper with the GE-7.

The MXR 10 Band is the daddy, tried one and was blown away, but the cost of one is the only factor that id not get one, ive got a DC Brick so i can get one and still run only one walwart.

But one thing ive found is sometimes its not a good EQ thats needed, its actually some subtle compression, but thats only in about 10% of cases.


I use the GE-7, and I give it my thumbs up.

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Im using a Laney Lionheart, no solo boost function.

I'll be running the distortion channel at a fairly low gain, and using an Xotic AC + to boost it to a saturated distortion tone. I just need a bit of a midrange kick for solo levels. I'm not after any extra gain (I'll have more than plenty with my setup) I just need a boost in the mid frequencies so it sounds more prominent and cuts through. Doesn't even need much of a level boost, just needs to sound clear and be heard.


well then you lied to us! :mad:


you are using it for some tone shaping. you should get an eq.


afaik using a geq to not just boost the total sound but as you say, boost the mids, is just-right for getting the solos out there, especially without just volume-blasting the rest of the band.

likewise, using a mid-cut is one way to get the rhythm guitar out of the vocalists' realm during verses.
i found the powerball's focus (mid boost ) function great for this; i'd turn it off during verses, it would sit in the background while singing;
then hit focus on for big choruses, leads, etc.

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:lol I guess I wasn't being specific...when I said "tone shaping" I meant having it on all the time in the loop or something to sweeten up an amp. Since I just wanted to boost the middle frequencies I didn't think 10 bands would be necessary :p

So the MXR sounds like the best, and since I'm trying to get my rig to pro-quality standard (so it won't need upgrading once its done) I wouldn't mind splashing the cash, as long as I get a piece of gear that'll last me many many years. Last opinions?



i'd say GEQ is what you need and not any other possible devices (clean boost, vol pedal, etc. ),

and i'd say put it in the loop.

some geq's may add noise you don't want, you may wanna try different geq's to see which adds the least or no noise;
or you may just put a noise gate right after the geq to deal with the noise.

most any pedal in the loop will add more noise than in front of the amp.

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Ooh...in the loop would be quite inconvenient...i'm not up for having 2 long cables going from my amp to my pedalboard just for one pedal...and it does have to be a pedal so I can kick it on and off. I'm looking at getting the ISP Decimator Pro rack G so noise isn't really gonna be a problem.


well a vol boost function may not work that great in front of the amp (see earlier posts ),

i use the gcp/gcx rig so i can turn stuff in the loop on/off without having long cables from the fx to the amp. all my pedals, whether in front of amp or in loop, are in one rack, next to my amp.

my head hurts. |I

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