amp hum triaxis 290

It seems my triaxis 290 is humming worse than I ever noticed before. You ever have that experience where you're unhappy with something but you can't remember if it was like that before and you didn't notice or if it just started? That's the way I am right now. It hums like crazy. I'm guessing 60 cycle hum but it even fucks up my tone. I don't remember it being this bad a few weeks ago. Tubes? what? more info: two weeks ago I swapped out some cheap cables for some Monster cables and accidentally put instrument cable from my amp to my cab. I've switched it back. but I still feel like I hear buzz too. What the fuck? I'm going to get an ISP prorackg, but that still won't fix the tone from being altered by buzzing hum. any help?
Dark Alone

My tone is never adversely affected, but when I stop playing, I can get some nasty hum. But it depends on how close I am to the amp, how close I am to a monitor, different electrical devices, etc. It's weird.

My NS-2 takes care of me though.


I think I may have isolated most of it to the Triaxis. I think it might be the tubes. Still a lot of cycle hum but not as bad. But I didn't have a full 5 tubes to swap in and I swapped in Tung-sol and they're noisy anyway.

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