2 Questions

I got 2 questions and i hope some people can answer them. 1. Which string gauge can i best use for these tunings: D, G, C, F and C, G, C, F I use both of them very often. But i have the total wrong string gauge. 2. I'm going to buy a new amp very soon. And i need some help deciding between two. Ampeg BA300 115 and Ampeg BA300 210. They both are the same ,but one has a 1x15 speaker and the other one 2x10. Which one is better. I dont have much knowledge about amps so some help would be great. Thanks already.

Could you tell me why you would go with the 2x10 ?


Neither is better. The 15 will have deeper more pounding bass, but the 2x10 will tighter, more cutting bass. Depends on what you like.


K. Could you explain what you mean by tighter/cutting (English is not my first Language).
I like the sound that Henkka from COB makes, its my favourite sound.
But thx already for the answers!

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