2008...plan to get lot of gears?

After seeing the new esp models and namm and all...you guys gonna buy a lot of new guitar gears this year? Its gonna be my biggest year since i started guitar. Planning to completely change my rig. gonna get: -Engl E670 EL34 head -Engl 4x12 V30 cab -Esp seethru black NINJA or the camo haneman sig -Esp edwards Kiko Loureiro both blue and black one(gonna put emg's in the black one) -cheap cam to take pics of those^ Im pretty much putting half this year income into gearz. Living in the parents house FTW! :lol

I would want to get the pink Sawtooth or one of the new Ninjas or so, but I prolly won't. :p I might get an ENGL 412VS though, we'll see. :D

JeanPaul du Vinnie

I want to finally get me a Tremoverb and a decent cab and finally be done with all this buying and selling of gear for ever. Or til I'm fifty, at least.


I'm thinkin' about getting a hard-tail LTD Ninja, though the ash-bodied George Lynch is looking pretty good too. Or maybe I'll just get an Eclipse or a Gibson. Iunno, as far as gear goes, I want:

- A mahogany guitar with a maple top (not a veneer!) for all-around use.
- A superstrat-type guitar for if I ever get the sudden urge to shred.
- Some sort of V
- Either a Soldano head or a Krank
- A bass of some sort. I will prolly buy the cheapest one with a maple fretboard I can.


yep i do

-just ordered an esp ex260 on sunday with the mxr dd11 dime distortion pedal

-probably going to buy the 2008 gus.g 200 and swap the pickups

-and a carvin half stack


Schecter C-7 (Either a Blackjack ATK or Hellraiser) ***DEFO***
ESP Eclipse II VW (If i have enough money, if not im getting one of theese two below)
PRS SE Singlecut Trem
ESP LTD PH-600 (If i can get one for the £499 ive seen them for here, if i cant get any of the three above)

Mesa Express 5:25 1X12 (Was announced at NAMM theyre is a 1X12 version coming out)
Marshall JVM 215C 1X12 Combo



waiting for my EC VTB to show up.

and I might pick up the spider valve for shiggles

Graham Nicholson

I keep telling myself I'm going to make the order for a custom shop Horizon. Maybe this is the year. Then again, maybe not. Oh, well.

Definitely a THD Flexi 50 and cab though.

And an SG Special with the moon inlays if I'm feeling saucy and can find one for sale.


i'm surprisingly looking forward to the schecters this year.

1. Schecter Loomis sig(OFR)
2. Schecter Sunset OFR or C-1 Hellraiser FR in Snow White
3. Schecter C-1 Classic in blue
4. Peavey 6505+ head
5. Either a Mesa or Marshall cabinet w/ V30's
6. various tone-shaping accessories(i.e. noise gate, sonic maximizer, delay, etc.)


im not getting a million guitar like you guys :)

but heres what i have in mind

vader 2 x 12 cab
glen burton "eyes" guitar (its a jem replica that i just want to fuck around on)

everything needed to fix up my kramer (floyd, all new electronics, new pups, etc.)
possibly going to get a green pickgaurd for my squier bullet, pink dimarzio's, funky colored vol. ctrls etc. etc.

not gear related, but for music

im going to be building my own comp.
probably gonna get good recording speakers
mbox w/ pro tools



6505+ FTMFW!!!!

seems to be a fairly popular choice.


There's a few '08 ESP models I'd like... but none I really want enough at the moment.

- Framus Cobra 100W Head
- ENGL Special Edition EL34 Head
- Navigator N-LP-380CTM
- Mesa/Boogie Traditional 4x12” Cabinet

Plus a bunch of over recording gear and pickups etc.


Hopefully an Ltd F-2E

But I have to get a job, and find a way to get one over here:\


^hey hiphopopotamus, are your rhymes botomless?:p


i want to get a new amp. any know if a randall v2 head with a 2x12 mesa booige w/vintage 30 sound good when tuned to C#?


Yeh, looking for lot's of gear but no Esps/Ltds:

A Valve Head, probably Randall RH50 or Peavey Valveking, suggestions? :p
A Marshall 2x12 cab for pedroom use
A Boss Chorus pedal
A new (semi)acoustic


i want to get a new amp. any know if a randall v2 head with a 2x12 mesa booige w/vintage 30 sound good when tuned to C#?

Sure would, as long as the cabinet could handle the wattage. I am prety sure that even at 16ohms the amp still pushes over 200 watts. I just happen to have a NIB V2 coming to me in 2 weeks that will be going up for sale.

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Bridge The Void

See-thru-green PB-500 is on my "MUST HAVE" list. I think my rig is actually at an acceptably complete giggable level, so I don't "need" anything right now. An extra backup guitar/studio guitar would be nice though.

Dying To Live

Well, I just received my Horizon FR about 3 weeks ago but I plan to drop a ton of dough on a nice rig and a back up guitar.

==New NT horizon or maybe an LTD MH-1000 in STG.
==Splawn Nitro Head or Mesa Mark IIc (hah. wish me luck...) or IV Head
==4x12 Mesa Cab
==A few pedals here and there to work around my Dunlop Wah and Line 6 Delay Modeler.
==3 or 4 more tattoo's just in case I suck, at least I'll look angry.

My objective...stay out of debt while doing it. Best of luck to all you f*ckers with GAS in '08!!!!


My V2 sounded awesome with a TS9 in front with all the controls at about noon.

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at this point:

- a splawn nitro,
then i'll have a shootout between it and my bogner uberschall, and sell one of them.

cereaously that's the only thing i'm gassing for atm, oddly enough in '07 i actually bought a number of things that had been on my list for a long long time, despite the fact i was also selling things off left and right. '07 was a good year both directions. for '08 i don't have much planned, i have so much of everything i'd wanted for a long time.



at this point:

- a splawn nitro,
then i'll have a shootout between it and my bogner uberschall, and sell one of them.

Say goodbye to your Uber then. I say that as a former Uber owner and soon to be Nitro owner (this time next week :D). I've played the Nitro and it is similar to an Uber but tighter, clearer and better clean channel.

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A new classical (Spanish made)
Either an Ibby S2170SE or some sort of SS jackson

Probably nothing, I just got a new one. But If I do It'll be an ENGL or Mesa

I need a new chorus, so a Boss Super Chorus is on the list.
Morley Bad Horsie Wah

If I get the ibby I'll probably be buying a few Dimarzio's

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