Triple Rectifier w/ EL34's?

Anyone in here have any experience with EL34's in a Recto? I searched on the Boogie Board and came up pretty empty. I think my bud's Triple sounds great and he has 6l6's in his, but I know my 5150II sounded absolutely brutal when I switched the 6l6's for EL34's. I actually like ALOT more EL34 amps than I do 6L6 amps so I was wandering if it would be worth doing. I already asked the dealer if I could get my new amp with EL34's instead of the 6L6's and they said that Mesa wouldn't allow it, which I thought pretty stupid because then why would the bias switch be on the back to use them. Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy a sextet of EL34's and try em when I get my amp and see how I like them.

I think Killswitch Engage used Triple Rectos with EL-34's on Alive or Just Breathing.

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I don't use my recto, but when I did I much preferred the EL-34s. 6L6s did make the cleans sound nicer IMO, but I doubt you want a Recto just for the clean channel :p


Just get a Mark series so you can have both 6L6's and EL34's.

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sorry, nothing of importance to add, i just thought that was halarious!

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