so im gonna build a rack...

Jace Kiburz
my guitar teacher helped me figure out what to get and i wanted some second opinions as well... so this is what i think im gonna do 6 space skb rack case furman BBE sonic maximizer lexicon mpx1 effects processor Marshall 9100, 9200, El34 50/50 or 100/100 power amp one question i have is which of those models of the marshall would be the best? i know the only real difference between them is the wattage.. also does anyone know if they have 8 ohm outputs? I would prefer a 100 watt one, but whats the difference in volume between the 50 watts and the 100 watts? also, any comments on the lexicon or just this rack in general?
Bridge The Void

Be careful with large rack cases, above 4U they can get pretty heavy and cumbersome unless they're part of a larger rig on castors.

The X/X poweramps are stereo, so you have that rating of wattage on each side, to be fed into 2 separate cabs or a stereo cab. The 50/50 has 50watts either side, so in total you're getting the eqivalent volume of 2 50watt amplifiers simultaneously. Which is plenty loud.

The 100/100...well, its obvious. 2 sides of 100W, so you get more headroom. Personally I'd choose the 20/20 because I like EL84s and low wattage amps, but it all just depends on the sound and response. Volume wise the 50/50 will easily handle it, with plenty to spare.

What preamp are you using?


Be careful with large rack cases, above 4U they can get pretty heavy and cumbersome unless they're part of a larger rig on castors.

i 2nd this!

also note if putting a power amp in it you'll need to get a full depth rack; i like skb rack cases but many of their models are intentionally short, because most preamp and fx boxes these days are also short;
but power amps are usually very deep.

another thing - to alleviate weight if you want to put a power amp and many other things in your rack, is to get 2 rack cases that are same product line so they stack up nicely; then get one for the power amp itself and another for all your other gear. just a thought anyway.

Jace Kiburz

im not sure about the preamp... do i even need to use one? can i just use a distortion from the effects processor and go from there?

otherwise... how is the line6 pod pro? worth getting or not?

Bridge The Void

I just bought a Pod XT Pro today, as a matter of fact :p

I wouldn't use the distortion from the Lexicon, chances are it'll suck balls. If you want the Marshall sound, theres the JMP-1 preamp (do they still do that? If not, look around for one) and ENGL and Mesa do some nice preamps, but they are quite costly.

I don't know how good a modelling preamp will be with a tube poweramp, I'll be using mine into a tube poweramp but for effected cleans only - I'm getting a Laney Lionheart for my distortions and dry cleans. If you have the funds take a look at the ENGL and Mesa ones, and see if you can find a JMP-1 somewhere ;)


I think the Marshall 9100 and 9200 have different power amp tubes also, EL34's vs. 5881. I'm not sure though. There won't be any noticeable difference in volume (about 3dB), I would personally go with the lower wattage unless you need tons of headroom.

Jace Kiburz

Alright cool... Im probably gonna go with a 50/50... either mesa or marshall. And im looking at an engl preamp... anybody used one of them? any comments?

also, i think im gonna ditch the lexicon and just stick with a preamp, power amp, power conditioner, noise reduction thing, and the BBE.

Dark Alone

My rack weighs a fucking ton. I want to get casters for it, but I'm not into the idea of my amp sitting on the floor while I practice. Especially if I want to tweak, I don't want to be bending over.

Racks are convenient and inconvenient all at once. :lol

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