Randall Bringing The Metal......

Soi've never been a RANDALL fan,but they got 3 new amps coming out in 2008. we got the NINJA, the ARCHETYPE and KIRK HAMMETT. i like the archetype, i really want a soild-state amp (man miss the old marshall valvestate). hopefully these won't be like some crazy like limited run amp selling only like 50 or so.

just get a valvestate head lol. i have a combo. fuckin rawks


dude. randall has always been metal. i played a V2 at sam ash n all i gotta say Is HOLY SHIT. METAL UP YOUR ASS!

JeanPaul du Vinnie

Ever heard Crowbar?


And that's even like one of the least metal models Randall has ever made they play. Boosted, but still. Randall makes some ripping shit.


yeah im going to have to try one out, but the close one to me is like a hour away.


did someone say kirk?

fuck i dont have 10 grand!


was kirk actually with another amp company? because james and kirk play a shitload of stuff.


well yes and no, metallica use mesa live and everything in the studio, but this is his first siggy amp.


but this is his first siggy amp.

Mid-life crisis.

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