Case for Explorer.

Hi guys, where do you recommend I shop for a FORM fitting Explorer guitar case? I googled and I only get epiphone cases, which are not form fitting. Thanks

Don't think you'll find ANY universal form fitting cases except through the guitar manufacturer. Not that I know of, anyways. I'd probably opt for a Coffin explorer case. They aren't form fitting but they fit nice and your guitar won't be sliding around inside.


So, Gibson would sell me direct? Do you know?

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if you want cheap, rondo music used to sell ones that looked in pics identical to gibson ones, which are made by tkl anyway,
i don't know if the rondo /agile ones are as good or not but they sure looked the same in online pics, and they had cost 1/3rd as much as "gibson" branded one.


Thanks! I check them out!

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