Free Spider Valve!!!

guys, this is awesome. i was checking my e-mail on monday, and American Musical Supply had a message for me titled: Congratulations!. so i opened it up, and turns out, in the contest for a 212 lin 6 spider valve i entered i won! today is wednesday, 2 days later, and it already came. it is huge, and louder than hell. it has vintage 30s and 5881 tubes and 2 of the 12AT7 for preamp. this amp was 850 bucks in magazines, so i would never had one if it werent for this contest. i reccommend this for any one, regardless of style of playing. im gonna put pics on soon.

Dude niiiice score ur a lucky bastard
I never win free stuff :(

so hows about recording a clip so we can hear how it sounds?

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