roland micro cubes!

are they good for the price? the wattage seems small for 125$ (2W)...

I heard some clips of them before, and they're accually really cool.
They don't sound half bad, and it's great for practicing.
I'd say they're deffinatly worth the money.

Bridge The Void

Just get one. They're awesome.


I owned one for my practice amp before i replaced it with a vox valvetronix XL. Both are awesome amps.

I perfer the XL for $250.

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They are good. I got mine for 50-60$ new and i love it!

JeanPaul du Vinnie

They are good. I got mine for 50-60$ new and i love it!
:eek: You got a mighty fine deal!


I got a used one for a same price. Its a tiny monster, cool sounding, ok cleans. Also easy to carry around.

JeanPaul du Vinnie

I got mine for €65, sent to my door. Usual second hand price around here.


I use mine as a vocal amp these days...serves its purpose well.


After trying to run my triple rec at bedroom volume the other night (turns out it doesn't have one) I'm seriously considering one of these.

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