EMG or Seymour Duncan?????

Hi there... Well i have a LTD EC-1000 BLK with EMGs (81 and 60), but the other day I went to my local music Store and I tried the EC-400VF and I loved the tone. So since that day I'm a little tired of the EMG tone.... and I don't know if it's a good idea change the pickups to Seymour... I like the Tone of the Nickelback guitars and a lot of other bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Freak Kitchen, Black Stone Cherry, etc... And my doubts is: "What seymour sounds like my EMG 60????" because I love the cleans with that pickup. So tell me, do you think that is a good Idea Change my Pickup set up to a Seymour one?... or I keep with the EMG? Cheers!

Sd 59's are smooth, but I don't know how they'd compare much to your 60.


just buy a new guitar with duncans lol its better to have both:)

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I've always felt that the EMG-60 is pretty much the active version of the '59, minus a bit of warmth, so go with a '59 in the neck if you do decide to go passive.


i like both, but i'm leaning towards duncans


See everytime I had duncans, I was never really happy. I had duncan distortions, dimebucker, invader, full shred, jb and jazz combos, they're good, but to me, not EMG good.

As far as the 85 in the bridge, listen to inflames or shadows fall, they both use 'em in the bridge, along with alot of other guitarist.


The 85 is an awesome bridge pickup.

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