What is the FATTEST overdrive pedal?

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I'm going for the Steve Wilson tone on Porcupine Tree's "Deadwing" album, that fat, crushing punch-in-the-face tone. I'll be halfway there at the end of this week when I put down money for the Laney Lionheart amp (yes, I decided against the Vetta :p) so I just need some opinions on the best way to push it. I made a pretty close model to what I'm after on my GT-8, using a Marshall 1959 model on low gain and the "Warm OD" model, but obviously that's not specific to any real OD pedals. So basically I just need something that's really warm and really really really FAT sounding. Doesn't need much gain at all (the Lionheart has exactly the right amount of gain I need), just needs oopmh. What should I look out for?

buy a good amp....you dont need a artificial sounding pedal

chevy Z 302


i dont know what i could recommend, i'd say try as many with the laney as you can to see what works. Start looking into fulltone, hermida, keeley, etc.


try some of the boss overdrives.. there was someone slaggin em off somewhere other day, but the SD-1 (i think) and OD.. etc etc... probably more than the old boss ds-1...

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I have the SD-1 and with my Mesa it boosted the mids really nicely but took some of the bottom end out, and that's not what I want with this.

I just want pure fat. :p


how about an EH muff

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Dunno, you tell me :p

I won't be able to try it with the amp, since when I go to the shop the amp won't be there...I've playtested the amp, but I'm ordering it online. Depending on the pedal I might have to do the same.

I might check out some EH muffs tomorrow, I think Andertons has some there. I'll just have to plug it through a Cornford and take a guess.


Dunno, you tell me :p

i cant tell u how its gonna sound with ur amp, only suggest an overdrive

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Toadworks Meat Boost Junor you may also want to checkout the TC Electronics Classic Sustainer + Parametric EQ and Classic Booster + Distortion may be what you want as well.

chevy Z 302

the RC boost is a clean boost, you'd want to try the BB or AC. More than likely the BB. JMO

the rc is a cool little clean boost, gives a little grit to the clean channel. I should have one in a few weeks so i'll give a better review then. For now i'd say you'd want more than the rc would do.

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The Laney has pretty much 90% of the sound I want, its fat, crunchy and packs a massive punch. I just feel it needs a little push to get it in the "Deadwing" tone that I want.

Steve Wilson uses the Badcat pedals in front of his Badcat amp, so I know I won't get anywhere near 100% his tone, but by using a low wattage class A amp I'm at least halfway there.

I've been reccomended a Tonebone as well as a Fulltone OCD, and the BB looks good too - I watched someone trying one out on a Fender amp, gave it a real Boogie-esque tone.

I'm not after much more gain, just a litte push so it feels jucier, and has 3 tons of bottom end to it so when I play an open D it just screams "Fat".

Listen to any heavy track off PT's "Deadwing" album (Open Car is a good one, as well as the title track) and you'll hear what I'm after. ;)

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Not the best video for it, but yes thats the track.

The boosted overdrive sound is what I'm after, where it kicks in. The track "Shallow" probably has the best example of it.


TS-9 if you don't wanna buy good amp.

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I found it people :D

Its called the Xotic AC +. And oh dear, it is fat :p

chevy Z 302

xotic pedals are bitchin

i'll have an RC boost soon (hopefully)


OCD Fulltone, plenty of overdrive.
Kind of Pricey

Broun S.

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