Randall cabs

Looking into Randalls XL series. With the 10o watters. Seems like these are good build. Will have some thump. Anybody try these. Start with that cab and then buy the other with the 2 V30s and one 15". Seems like that would be a awesome setup.
JeanPaul du Vinnie

Never tried a good Randall cab before but I'm most probably trading my Orange 2x12 with a Randall 4x12 with V30's. The cheapo cabinet that came with my RX120D had insane amounts of bass and I'm just missing that right now.

JeanPaul du Vinnie

Anyone else? Kind of interested too. I remember Rex had something to say about Randall cabs too if I'm not mistaking...

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That 2x12 with the 15 in the bottom is fuckin kickass. The XL series is on par with comparably priced cabs.


I want one, they look facking hot.


I use XL cab for 3 years now, sounds amazing and cheap, My dual recto and MarkIIC+never sounds so sweet with anything else.

JeanPaul du Vinnie

What's the word on the RS412CV? That's the one I'm probably trading my Orange 2x12 for.
Not an XL though, I believe. On a Czech website, they're listed under "G3 cabs".

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