For my birthday i wanna buy myself a new pedal. But idk which one should i get Boss TU-2 (tuner) or Boss NS-2 (noise suppressor) which one should i get?. And i was wondering how the NS-2 works. or any other pedal should i get instead? so far ive been playing 1 1/2 year and i already have a dist pedal (MT-2). as other gear I have a Peavy Raptor (strat copy) and a Peavy amp. But dont tell me to save for a better amp or a better guitar because soon im buying a LTD Viper 400 with Randall amp thanks

Give any thought to a chorus pedal? Or does your amp have built in effects? If not, i'd get a chorus pedal to make your cleans sound really crisp and shimmering. A delay pedal is also cool. You can go crazy with effects pedals, they really add some new elements to your sounds. A tuner is ok, I wouldn't go the pedal route, but that's just me. Hell, I use just an online site to tune my guitar anyways. You need to develop your ear anyways, tuners become a crutch in my opinion.


alright ty

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