New player with a couple of questions.

Sup everybody? Well, I'm new to everything guitar but have had the desire to play for years. I finally went and bought myself an LTD kh-202 (hope this was an alright choice for a new player!?!) I listen to pratically all genres of rock/metal and I'm trying to find an amp to suit this playing style. I've seen alot of posts around the net saying go for amp modeling equipment but I want to be able to find the right sound/tone on my own. If anyone can help me out with this decision that would be cool. I'm willing to spend anywhere from $600-$1000 for the amp whether it be a combo or 1/2 stack. Also, anyone know the pros/cons of the kh-202? Thanks!

mesa boogie dc3 combo.
Awsome cleans ,distortion goes from blues to metal.
Sounds awsome even at low volumes.
All pure tube sound.
400 usd evilbay.
It's a boogie for pod's price !


Thanks for all the replies! You guys are fuckin awesome! So, where did you guys start? Any tips/pointers for a super noob and what i should be doing while practicing? I'd like to take some lessons in the near future but theres gotta be something i can work on until that happens.

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