EMG ZW set configuration?

i know that in the EMG ZW set they give one emg 81 and one emg 85. i already own 2 emg 81 but want to buy an emg 85 too so i have the "ZW set" but then... where should i put the 85 for better forced harmonic? in the neck, or in the bridge?

Try it both ways.

You decide what you prefer.

It takes maybe 3 minutes to swap them.


zak wildebeast is retarded,
an 85 has a warmer magnet material (alnico ) than the brighter magnet (ceramic ) used in the 81, thus these 2 pups don't even make a good matched set for any guitar.

if you like an 81 in the bridge, try a 60 in the neck, then your equalization for both pups will match. Het is way smarter than zak on pickup choice.

if you wanna try an 85, it's muddy in the neck, put one in the bridge and then get a 60A for the neck, that would be a good combo.

all is jme/jmo

luckily with quickconnects, changing them out is easybreezycovergirlbeautiful. :p


85 in the bridge ftw


nice.. i think ill just go 85 in the neck... but what's the best combinaison for easy killer pinch harmonics? cuz one of my friend said that his friend had those ZW and it's like very easy to do some even if u don't want (p.s. i know how to make pinch harmonic. i just want them to sound killer)

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