Kahler vs OFR

Bucky Gone AWOL
Whats the difference?

Kahlers are better of course.


Its odd, i have had the a similar experience to Gfunky...but the other way around.

Kahler stay in tune so well! SO well! I abuse the shit out of it, to the point wher it no-longer becomes music abuse...and it just pops right back in place. With a floyd....ha, no chance. I have had/set up several OFRs, cant stand the bloody bastards!


um not by a longshot budd just cuase slayer uses them

Don't be a faggot noob.

Bucky Gone AWOL

I watched thosed YOUTUBE vids and when he did string bends on the Kahler it went out of tune......

BUT....the KAHLER HYBRID looks cool as you can use a srew to make it like a fixed bridge. This is gunna sound gay/noob...but I have no intention of using a whammy bar.............I just want a locking nut as I think it may keep the guitar in tune for longer..........................

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Floyds also deliver better tone and sustain since it is attached by a fulcrum to the body as opposed to a relatively massive metal plate

You can get a Kahler Hybrid that attaches the same way as a OFR.


They don't make the spider or steeler anymore only the cam trems as far as I know...

I've played oen or two gutiars with ofr's and my rans have shcallers, I do big bends and they stay in tune, I havent tried a kahler yet but when I do I will check to see how it compares...

Still theres no denying when that kahler on that video was going through normal string bends it went out of tune yet diving didnt affect it...

I Can see design wise why this would happen on kahler the string rollers arent good for sideways movement....

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