Practice Gear

Im lookin for some type of practice gear for when its late and quiet, I used to use an old rockman but dont know where I put it. Can anyone recommend anything that sounds decent clean and w/distortion, etc. and aint real expensive? Id rather not have to lug my amp from room to room when I decide to stay up late and play something battery operated and portable is what im lookin for.

ive got a Cube 30 its PLENTY loud and it only cost me buddy bought a cube 15 for 100 bucks and the effects and sound is pretty damn good....JC clean no complaints


Roland Microcube if you want it to actually have a speaker. If you want some headphone jamming at night, the Pod XT is the way to go. Plus it can be used for other things such as recording. Generally just a good piece of gear to have.


PODxt is def. YES!! i dont have one, but know they're great

for small practice amps its: Roland Cube, Vox or one of the new Spiders.

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the microcube is definitely a good investment if you want a small practice amp. for something with headphones a PODxt will go a long way. hell, i got myself a PocketPOD and i love it!

although i don't have any experience with it, the Vox amplug looks pretty decent!

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