Attenuator for my Mesa Rectoverb 50 combo....

Looking to do away with the distortion pedal and stick with rectoverb distortion. Was looking at either a hot plate or a weber attenuator, which one would better for my amp? What ohm do I need to get? I know your suppose to double the wattage so you don't burn up the attenuator.

i think the weber lets you switch ohms, i've never used one, i own hotplates and love them.

i have owned marshall pwerbrakes and they are LOUSY and ruin the sound.

on the hotplate i USE the bright switch but don't use the deep switch,
and this keeps my tone the same , = to tone without the device,
so i'm glad thd has the bright switch, and not sure of the need for the deep -- it adds bass that isn't there w/out the plate ime, where as the bright sw adds back the small amount of highs lost using an attenuator.

ohms, if hotplate, you must buy the ohm rating for YOUR CAB, not your head, your head can put out multiple ohmages, the cab is what you go by.

what is your cab? what ohm? stereo and mono ability? if so it has 2 or 3 ohmages, ie: a marshall 1960 today can be run 16 mono, 8 stereo, and 4 mono,
my mesa cab can run 8 mono or 4 stereo.

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