L6 Cab on Clist = Worth it?

Mr Pigwalk
Hey guys, currently running my Vetta into the 300w Spider 2 cab, think this baby here would be a step up or just sideways? Looks like a Flextone cab to me, not sure if they'd have the flat freq response I'm looking for. Link

Those cabs are built more solid than your spider ones. The tone out of them doesn't seem as focused and clear as out of the real deal.

Mr Pigwalk

For Xmas I'm either getting this for 250 (I could probably ask for less eh?), the first payment on a Fernandes Ravelle Elite ($233x3) or first payment on a straight up Vetta cab from AMS ($200x3). Or a video card for my computer. I'm on a geek diet as of late.

What would you guys do?


The Spider cab is only 150 watts, not 300...I'd say that old Flextone cab would be a big step up. The Flextone cabs came with Eminence speakers, but still sound pretty nice. The cab itself is made well, about like the Vetta cabs with a different grillcloth and tolex. If anything, save some dough and buy it...If you'd ever want to upgrade the speakers, you could do so one at a time when you have the cash.

Mr Pigwalk

The Spider cab is only 150 watts, not 300...

Got into that same arguement with TSA a while back, so I took a shot of my cab, it IS 300w. I've seen both 300w and 150w spider cabs around town too, the 150w are 75w Stereo only while the 300w can be run either mono or stereo.

either way, I'm an hour away from driving to best buy and buying a video card for my computer :). I would like a new cab, but truthfully, we play through a PA at about 50% of our shows, so it's not a #1 priority.


Funny, I was just on Line 6's site, and it looks like the Vetta cab is not even sold anymore. the nicest cab they have is the new 412VS, which comes with V30's...No more "modeling" speakers.

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