what the hell....

why the hell is everyone changing to blackouts? is it just because that a lot of new artists have been switching to them? or is it because they have ACTUALLY tried them? just a thought.

EMG's FTW!!!! :evil



Even tried blackouts? Or are you just saying that because EMGs are the "most popular" on this forum?


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i can't imagine a better pickup than an emg 81 w/ 18 volt setup


i can't imagine a better pickup than an emg 81 w/ 18 volt setup

If you haven't ran 18V EMGs, you dont know what ur missing, imo. I haven't tried Blackouts, but have heard great things about them. I dont have money for new pups either, so I'll just say "EMG FTW!!!!" too. :p


theres review vid on the SD blackouts on youtube.
they seem nice....but I think the differences are rather minimal

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I can't rate them because I haven't tried them, and I can't try them because that would involve buying a set, installing them into my guitar and playing through my rig for a week.

EMG's do me fine, especially at 18v. I hate shopping around for pickups, because you can't just go "try them out", you have to make a lot of judgements based on specs and reviews. Thats why I tend to stick to a simple winning formula, and EMG's are simple enough for me, and they work...and I have variety.

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