First time changing tubes

Ok, I know this really sounds like a noob but what the heck. I've had a Mesa F50 combo for about 2 years now or so and it really is in need of a tube change. Only problem is, I don't know which tubes to buy and how to replace them. Well, I actually know that currently there are 2 6L6's GC in with a code: STR 430. When I look online to buy some, the only I seem to find are: MESA BOOGIE 6L6 GC STR440 and some color after it like: yellow, blue, red etc. Now would these work ? Also, changing the tubes is just pulling them out and pushing the new ones in right ? Just not touch the glass ?

I thought that was true ONLY if you use Mesa brand tubes. So you can put any matched pair of Mesa tubes, be it the yellow, grey or whatever code you want, but you can't just put in a matched set of JJ's or Groove Tubes or something


how do you know when you need to change tubes?


when sound is bad.
When they don't glow.
A black mark inside their glasses.
When there are some pops or strange noises.
Several things


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Blackface refers to the panel behind the knobs, not the diamond plated part above it, so yes, those are blackface.


hummm I prefer blond faces :cool:

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