Keeley Metal Zone

Keeley Metal Zone
I like to use the Metal Zone now and again for boosts and to get nasty sounds, I was thinking of buying the Keeley modded one...has anyone tried one of these? Is there a huge difference?

I've owned the keeley version and played around with the boss one if you can afford it definately get the keeley it's less fuzzy and is good to tweak around sounds best through a valve amp that is really clean....

I think it's way more clearer and just a better pedal, the three modes are quite cool and you can vary the tone a fair bit, i was able to coax some nice mop ish tones from it...

The Sloth

cool, thanks for the reply. I'll probably look into that.


Any suggestions for a good high-gain pedal?


Any suggestions for a good high-gain pedal?


Ravens Creed

I'm struggling to think of a better distortion pedal than a Keeley modded MT-2.

Its a good pedal to start with if a little fizzy. After Keeley are through with it, its a winner. So its not an upgraded piece of crap in my opinion and a very good recommendation for somebody after a Death metal/Thrash tone.

What would you suggest as an alternative?


i actually have one for sale. PM me if interested.


there are fucking 100's of boutique overdrive/distortion pedals that sound awesome out of the box, and will cost the same price.

Exactlt my thoughts as well!

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