• OutlawTorn

    anyone play a razorback DB

    ive played SEVERAL Razorback's and Razorback Vs including the 255 which is one of the better ones, has anyone played the DB version i cant really afford a Razorback right now so im wondering if its worth 500?

    • MikeC

      The 255 isn't really considered 'one of the better ones' compared to the standard Razor V's. The 255 just has 24 frets and stock EMG's in it, wich could be better depending on the persons taste.
      If I were you, I'd save up and get the higher end import razorback. Just because I'm not a fan of bolton necks and also the wood. I beleive the wood used for those are basswood, wich is ussually a hit or miss type of thing.
      If you save up you'll have a higher end guitar made of higher quality wood and better materials wich it's built with. Don't get me wrong, they're worth the cash, but the higher end models are worth the extra dough.
      Just remember, you get what you pay for.

    • MeTaL

      I was wondering if the Dean Vendetta Revenge guitar is worth buying... Saw it online and it looks really cool and not too expensive. Is it worth buying or is it better not to :)

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    • OutlawTorn

      ive played the vendetta revenge....stay away graphic=bad sticker not airbrushed......i agree with the idea about the DB...i played the USA Customshop Split Tail and its AMAZING!!! the white is almost metallic, and the neck is soo smooth like butter, its a GREAT guitar and i am NOT a Dean fan what so ever ill take ESP over Dean but the Split tail makes them a little more intresting, but its 3500 =(

    • MeTaL

      Oh that sucks... The graphic looks pretty cool but that's such a shame it's a vinyl and not really painted. I've been looking into some Deans lately but it seems they always look so much nicer online than in real life (especially the Explosion graphics). Ow well, perhaps I'll finally end up getting myself a Ninja or a MX II from ebay.

    • OutlawTorn

      the explosion does look great in person, but the revenge graphics are vinyl and isnt worth the money

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