Peavey 6505+ vs. ENGL Fireball

Hey guys, i'm currently looking for a new amp (have been for a LONG time) and i have narrowed it down to the Peavey 6505+ and the ENGL Fireball. I have played the Peavey and it is just amazing, the greatest amp i've ever played. but i have not had the chance to find a Fireball anywhere. i know this forum is riddled with peavey's and engl's so this is probably the best place to get some help :) my current rig now is an alexi-600 straight into a marshall 8240 valvestate. thanks much!

same here. even the grossest places still has a PA system.

the only time you wont get mic'd here is if you set up your own show at a cultural center or something (for an all ages show) that usually doesn't have bands coming through

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