Where are the Mesa Express cabs?

Hey guys, I have a Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 combo amp and I'm looking into getting a 1x12 extension cab for it, I was just wondering... where are they? I'm pretty sure I saw them listed in my price catalogue but they're nowhere to be found and I kinda wanted to check out the specs... you know, before I buy one. Anyone have any knowledge about this?

They will be in the 2008 lineup, Mesa had too much going on to make them is what i was told.

Im looking at the Express head to be paired with a 1X12 for my amp rig again.


Thanks for the reply. :)

How do you think a 1x12 Stiletto cab would work with the 5:25 combo? I don't know if the Express cab would be better because it's like designed for the amp, or if adding a V30 in there would make it sound better, with the Stiletto cab.


As i am probably gonna go for either a F30 or a Express 5:25 head next year i am probably gonna go with a Recto 1X12 or a 3/4 back 1X12 or a Theile 1X12 cab.

The best cab you could put with it would be a Recto 2X12 vert slant cab, altho i have heard really good things about the Lonestar 1X12 as well so keep that in mind.

V30s in any 1X12 is a good idea as V30s are the most commonly used speaker in rock/Metal.

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