Laptop Recording Question(s)

Long story short, I'm thinking about trying to record my band by myself and right now my main focus is figuring out how to go about recording the drums. More or less, I'm confused about getting a mixer that I can use with my laptop since I don't feel like taking apart my desktop PC and putting it back together in the garage to record drums. I was looking into USB Mixers and the Alesis Multimix series has caught my eye. I'm trying to get at least 4 inputs so I can run 4 mics for the drums...and I haven't shopped around for those yet so any suggestions would be nice. Anyways, the questions would be does anybody have experience with running a similar setup for basic in-home recording and can you recommend a USB mixer and/or mic package to help so I can get some ground level ideas as far as what I should be looking for? Also, my budget right is kinda iffy since I'm trying to save up for a PA system and flight amp/rack case at the same time so I'm trying to keep the budget for the mixer/mics around the $600 range total. But regardless, I'm open to any information that can be bestowed upon me. Thanks.
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