Opinions on Digitech GNX4

Im thinking to get GNX4 processor, anyone has any advice for/against it? I have Mesa F30 amp, and few pedals: MXR EVH Phase, TS9, DD-3.

My friend has one. It's pretty noisy. If you can get one cheap, have at it, but I wouldn't spend the money on a new one. PODs are where it's at. ;)

El Jefe

i had an rp200 and it blew up, stopped working, i threw it in the trash, don't think i'll get one ever again. line 6 shits all over digitech stuff


I own one, it's not that bad. What i mostly like about it is that the recording is pretty easy to use. If you get a memory card for it is fun to jam out and record your ideas. Also the jam man on it comes in handy. If you are interesed i am selling mine with a 256mb memory card. Im selling because i only use this for recording and don't need all the effects. Any other questions just ask.



I had one too until (like boogie said) the pod came out.

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