all tuning drop

does anyone know of a device that will drop all the strings tuning example i have my iceman step for drop d but i like to go to drop c but i dont want to have to retune back and forth. thanks for your time sarg

that new gibson device might do what you're asking, i think the system is like $900ish.

that, or tune to C then use a capo.


i dont really understand.. And i often play both drop D,C and i dont rly like to tune always and always. whats that system's called?


it was just in guitar news online, lemme see if i can find,

but it's motorized tuners combined with a device in the bridge,
it automatically tunes your guitar, and can do different tunings for you quickly on the fly,
they make a new les paul called the Robot Guitar with the system, that's about $2100.


they have something like that on stewmac, it has switches on the back that let you drop the string 1 or 2 steps (flat or whole step).


what about that VG Strat?


How about just another guitar?


How about just another guitar?

i have three electrics 2 6strings and one 7 string i thought about buying 2 capos for the seven string


The device I use for changing tunings is awesome. It's a combination of my fingers to move the machine heads and my ears to hear the desired pitch.

Come on dude don't be so lazy! Takes less than a minute to change by a step! Only thing is string tension...

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