Thoughts on Line6 Flextone III

Hi all! I was just about to order the Peavey Mini colossal when I saw a really good offer on a Flextone III. Anybody got feedback on that? Is it good? Is it easy to use or do you have to spend hours tinkering with settings? Also, what is better: The Flextone III or the Plus? Thanks Alex

I love mine. It took me a while to get a sound a truly like, but now I think I have it. Neither one of the two you posted is better than the other, the plus just has 2 speakers as opposed to one. I have just the III, but I bought the extension cabinet. The amp can do pretty much anything you want it to, I'd confidently gig with mine. I actually was watching a casino band that was doing a bunch of covers and the guitarist was using a Flextone III, sounded great. If you end up getting one I'll hook you up with some of my settings.

El Jefe

i like mine, but i didnt really get any tones i wanted right off the bat, i messed with it for a few hours and then finally got the midi to usb and got it hooked to my computer, along with the shortboard i really like it. i feel that if i go and jam somewhere i could have all my favorite tones saved, and not have to lug around a bunch of pedals, the built in fx are good enough for me right now.
but im finding that i have to tweek my settings a bit to find what works best with different guitars (as you would any amp)
i have a flextone 3 xl (2-12") i just have a weird thing about one speaker amps


Ok, I ordered one because the price was quite good. I figured it can't be that bad if it's based on XT models and I already like the POD pocket quite a lot.

I'll have it without floorboard at first but will probably get one of those quite soon.

I'll come back to you about the settings, KFW! Thanks for the offer.

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