• JeanPaul du Vinnie

    What Would You Do? Cab dilemma.

    Right now I'm saving up for an Orange PPC212 to match my Marshall 1936 cab. The idea would be to have a cab that compliments the cleans (Marshall) and one to give the whole thing more thump and body (Orange).

    Now, I have the chance to buy a Randall RS412CV (Celestion V30) for like €300. It would cost me only half as much as the Orange (more money for the Recto fund!) and it would probably give me the oomph I'm looking for, but it'd be a lot harder to transport and my 2x212 plan would go down the drain, not to mention my plan to finally buy a cab I could settle with for the rest of my life.

    Mhhh. Halp?:(

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