Madison Divinity

Has anyone tried the Madison Divinity head? i want to get one, but there arent any stores in my area that sell them, so i cant try one out! :(

They are nice if you like to repair it every time you gig.:rollin


from what I hear, they have shitty QC...

Mr Pigwalk

Nate Wright from here in the boards uses one and the sound is pretty sick. Take a look for yourself.



so, that beginning riff in Whitechapel is on the divinity?


It's a straight 50/50 mix of the 6505+ and Divinity. The 6505+ has more of the upper mid bite and edge, the Divinity more low mid punch and articulation. And it's tighter.


great! thanks, dude! thats all i really needed, cuz thats just the sound i was looking for.


As much as it sucks, clips just don't give the "in the room" sound and feel. I like the amp, but tone tastes are subjective. If you can find a place that offers a return policy, I'd check one out.


ya know, i didnt think ablout places with return policies! thats a good idea! so, how do you set your rig up to run two heads at once?
oh, and btw, that's so awesome that your band is on the madison amps website!


I use a Radial BigShot ABY pedal to run both heads.

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